the buying process

Whether This Is Your First Purchase or One of Many, Learn how The Coastal Estate Group Advocates on your Behalf as a buyer.

Our Homebuyer's Guide

  • determine purpose of purchasing.
  • provide analysis of current market.
  • propose locations to consider.
  • gather property specifications.
  • refer a trusted lender.
  • get pre qualified for a loan.
  • use property specifications to create an automated home search.
  • provide further detail about properties of interest.
  • schedule showings for properties being considered.
  • have our lender get us pre-approved.
  • submit written offers.
  • negotiate on your behalf.
  • get offer accepted.
  • notify lender to begin loan process & order appraisal.
  • connect with 3rd party escrow company.
  • deposit EMD (initial deposit) within
  • 3 days of opening escrow.
    schedule all necessary inspections.
  • have license home inspector thoroughly evaluate the home.
  • schedule specific vendors for further evaluation, if necessary
  • reference inspection reports to generate a "request for repairs" to negotiate.
  • appraiser will determine an opinion of value on the property.
  • if appraisal comes in under value, renegotiate sales price.
  • once both sides are in agreement, remove both contingencies.
  • once loan is funded with clearance to close, loan contingency will be removed as well.
  • schedule final walk through to ensure that all negotiated repairs have been completed.
  • title will record with you as the new owner.
  • meet at your new home with keys in hand!

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